Ana de Armas Says She Watched Marilyn Monroe Films 'Hundreds of Times' for 'Blonde' Performance

In the wake of completing Blonde, Ana de Armas said the "heaviness of it remained with me without a doubt"

Ana de Armas pored over a long time of Marilyn Monroe movies to get her Blonde presentation right.

In the impending fictionalized film, de Armas, 34, plays the popular Hollywood Actress, who passed on quite a while back at 36 years old.

De Armas let AnOther magazine know that throughout Blonde's creation, she observed a portion of Monroe's motion pictures "hundreds of times."

De Armas likewise conceded that she "encountered a ton of dread and insecurity" on set during the creation of the film.

Also, she was told to channel those sentiments into her Monroe execution.

"I felt in a very vulnerable position. Not just in specific difficult scenes; the whole process was overwhelming for me," said de Armas.

"Most of the time I thought I was doing it wrong. I was thinking, 'What are these American actors thinking of me?

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