2 Claim Mega Millions Prize; 3rd-Largest US Lottery Jackpot

Two individuals who wish to stay unknown have guaranteed a $1.337 billion Mega Millions bonanza after a single ticket to the late July drawing was sold in a Chicago rural areas.

Selecting to take a singular amount installment of $780.5 millions, lottery authorities said Wednesday.

The Illinois Lottery said the award for the July 29 drawing, which was the country's third-biggest lottery prize, was guaranteed by two people who had consented to part the award assuming they won.

The Illinois Lottery said it couldn't share any data about the champs but to say that they should be totally "delighted" with their Super Millions win.

Illinois is one of no less than 16 states where winners can stay unknown.

Lottery officials said the two people have spent the past few weeks working with professional legal and financial advisors to support the claim process - something experts recommend lottery winners do

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